Thursday, August 9, 2012

Truvada: HIV Preventative pill is biased

The FDA has recently released a statement suggesting heterosexual men are also good candidates for this pill Truvada. Now personally I see so many things wrong with this statement and I am not talking about the pill itself. The pill was released in 2004 to treat the AIDS virus for those infected, but has been prescribed to gay and bi-sexual men after studies showed it could help with prevention. Now the FDA is saying women and heterosexual men should also use the pill to prevent the disease.

Great to know that this pill helped only gay/bi-sexual men last year. These "gays" who are so different from the rest of all men in the US.

Really? Are gay men all that different?

Am I the only person who see's the disgust with the FDA singling out gay men to be the only people at risk for a disease that ALL humans can contract. A disease that is not only contracted sexually, but through faulty blood transfusions and drug abuse. Not to mention those who have had female partners, who in fact have been infected because of their own situations.

There are so many scenarios that can lead to a person being infected by a virus such as HIV. This disease was not reserved for those who are damned by the bible. Men and Women in all situations can receive this disease, seriously it is 2012, not 1982. I am appalled at the FDA's lack of sensitivity toward all men and women in the US whom may contract the disease through various factors.

Men, who say they are heterosexual, can still be gay and in denial. Yes I said it. Men are still in the closet as of 2012. They have sexual relations with other men and still do not report that fact. Most people will looks for studies and facts to prove this but is that necessary? Men, in many cases not few, have several reasons to hide their trues sexual identity to those important people in their lives. Doctors included. Men who are heterosexual might actually be gay, but the closet is still the childhood blanket they never detached from.

Not all men are gay either...but at least let's be real in 2012!!

I do believe that the FDA, with its obligation to ensure all people regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion should be eligible to receive treatment for all diseases without discrimination, has shown its lack of duty to treat all people with a common and deadly disease.

I do believe that the FDA has shown the AMERICAN public that it originally felt that "gay people" are the only people at high risk for the infection, regardless of the countless studies that clearly show otherwise.

Please note that I would like to further my disapproval at the FDA for taking the wrong stance, regardless of the recent "fix".

To be or not to be, objective that is...Why I want to Blog...

To be or not to be, objective that is...

     In this country, where politics are left and right, right and wrong, news seems to be the same. In school I was once told, 

only read news that is objective, not a "chooser" of sides. This way was viewed as the only way to accept news, 

giving it seniority over those news channels “meant” for the uneducated. Although news that is objective is a clear and 

concise way to receive guidance in the unruly world, I believe there can be a medium. All news folk do not report the 

news the same so I guess that objectivity seems like it is somewhat the only trustworthy source in this “forsaken” world

we live in, but is it really all trustworthy? News regarding politics is particularly the problem where objectivity is a goal that 

somehow fails. In my recent investigation I have found many news sources to cross that line within a reasonable margin. 

The problem might be that too many news channels are giving information without providing a clear and concise history 

on the topic. Problematic is the fact that most news casters have their own beliefs on a topic, forcing a small piece of their 

personal passion within their work.